BEAR Seminars Spring 2023

The Berkeley Evaluation and and Assessment Research (BEAR) Center coordinates seminars for researchers to share cutting-edge findings and to prompt congenial discussion of topics in educational assessment and evaluation.

BEAR Seminar meets alternate Tuesdays from 2pm-4 at Berkeley Way West 1204
and also on Zoom, with exceptions as noted in the table below.

Zoom links can be requested from

Date Speaker Topic
January 24, 2023 Joshua Sussman and Karen Draney Language and Literacy Trajectories for Dual Language Learners (DLLs) With Different Home Languages: Linguistic Distance and Implications for Practice



February 7, 2023 Mark Wilson Deploying selected response and constructed response items to integrate large-scale and classroom contexts video
February 21, 2023 Diah Wihardini Will low-stakes national assessment work? A case of the reformed assessment system in Indonesia
March 7, 2023 Julian Levine The Role of Contextualization in L2 Vocabulary Measurement video
April 4, 2023 CANCELLED Conference Practice (CANCELLED)
April 18, 2023 Shruti Bathia Measuring Stereotype Threat video
May 2, 2023 Joshua Sussman, Arlyn Moreno Luna, Mingfeng Xue, Mark Wilson Conference Recap video

Conveners & Coordinators:
   Himilcon Inciarte (
   Mingfeng Xue (
   Aubrey Condor (