Berkeley Assessment System Software (BASS)

BASS builds on the BEAR Center's previous research in the design of assessment tasks and measurement techniques to support evidence-based assessment in the classroom. More specifically, BASS is the product of a decade of work by the BEAR Center team on a variety of software applications, including its direct precursor, FADS. 

BASS is being developed to support assessments that are created using the BEAR Assessment System. Accordingly, BASS is designed to be used in alignment with educational goals and instructional content. This allows teachers to understand the assessment results in terms of the learning progressions defined by each curriculum, and to diagnose students’ comprehension levels and learning needs according to their placement along these progress variables.
In order to make this system truly usable by busy instructors in real classrooms, we have placed teachers at the center of the design process. We are collaborating extensively with teachers to explore ways technology can make a difference in the classroom.
BASS is currently in active development, with availability limited to BEAR Center partners. Stay tuned for more updates and release notes.