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The Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research (BEAR) Center designs and delivers educational assessment instruments, performs research in assessment and psychometrics, and trains graduate students in these areas.

We collaborate with researchers in universities across the United States and abroad to develop software and other resources for constructing, managing, administering, and analyzing assessments.

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In addition to our research in psychometrics, the BEAR Center is dedicated to the development of software that can facilitate the delivery and analysis of assessments, providing teachers with innovative and useful ways to assess students.

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  • Respondent Speed in the Context of Adaptive Testing

    Benjamin Domingue, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University


  • Measuring Hate Speech: Unifying Deep Learning with Item Response Theory

    Claudia Natalia von Vacano & Chris Kennedy, D-Lab UC-Berkeley

    Overview The hate speech measurement project began in 2017 at UC Berkeley’s D-Lab. Our goal is to apply data science to track changes in hate speech over time and across social media. After two and a half years we are now nearing the completion of a comprehensive, groundbreaking method to measure hate speech with precision while mitigating the influence of human bias.

  • Novice Study of Teacher Learning Progressions in Posing, Pausing and Probing Practices: A Multi-Dimensional IRT Analysis

    Brent Duckor, Carrie Holmberg with Yidan Zhang

    Abstract Research on teachers and teaching has shown that formative assessment can improve student learning more than most instructional practices (Hattie 2009, 2012). A robust body of empirical evidence spanning over two decades indicates that thoughtfully implemented formative assessment practices improve students’ learning, yet little empirical work has been done on teachers’ developmental trajectories with these so-called high-leverage moves.

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