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The Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research (BEAR) Center designs and delivers educational assessment instruments, performs research in assessment and psychometrics, and trains graduate students in these areas.

We collaborate with researchers in universities across the United States and abroad to develop software and other resources for constructing, managing, administering, and analyzing assessments.

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In addition to our research in psychometrics, the BEAR Center is dedicated to the development of software that can facilitate the delivery and analysis of assessments, providing teachers with innovative and useful ways to assess students.

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  • Investigating Student Epistemic Stance in Modeling and Explaining Scientific Phenomena across Different Science Disciplines over Time

    BEAR Center Presenters: Karen Draney, Jinho Kim, Yukie Toyama

    This presentation is based on data gathered as part of the “Supporting Scientific Practices in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms project,” led by Brian J. Reiser at Northwestern University. We will discuss assessment development and modeling issues in the investigation of student mechanistic reasoning.

  • Modeling Student Learning on the Structure of Matter and Scientific Argumentation: Implications for Aligning Assessments with the Next Generation Science Standards

    Linda Morell, Mark Wilson, Tina Chiu (UCB); Jonathan Osborne, Andrew Wild (Stanford)

    Through the “Learning Progressions in Middle School Science Instruction and Assessment” (LPS) project, researchers at the Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research (BEAR) Center and Stanford University have developed assessment materials to measure students' (a) content knowledge of the structure of matter in physical science, (b) scientific argumentation competency within the content area of the structure of matter and generally, and (c) the relationship between the content knowledge and a...

  • AERA/NCME Practice Day

    BEAR Center & QME Student Presenters

    Members of the BEAR community who are presenting at the AERA/NCME meetings in March and April will share their work. Poster and paper presentations will be included. The poster presentation will run from 2:10 to 2:30PM. The paper presentations will begin at 2:30 and run for 22 min each (12 min presentation + 10 min Q&A). Poster Presentation...

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