William Fisher

William P. Fisher, Jr., Ph.D. received his doctorate from the University of Chicago, where he was mentored by Benjamin D. Wright and supported by a Spencer Foundation Dissertation Research Fellowship. Dr. Fisher is recognized for contributions to measurement theory and practice that span the full range from the philosophical to the applied in fields as diverse as special education, mindfulness practice, clinical chemistry, and survey research. His articles have appeared in Frontiers of Psychology, Journal of Applied Measurement, Theory & Psychology, the International Journal of Educational Research, the International Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Human Studies, the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neuropsychology, Advances in Nursing Science, the Journal of Nursing Measurement, and others.

As Professor of Research at LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans, Dr. Fisher hosted two International Objective Measurement Workshops, and was recognized by the city of New Orleans for his contributions in public health. He has consulted, taught, and given keynote and invited addresses at Johns Hopkins, Baylor, Tulane, and the Universities of Leeds, Jiaxing, Lyon, Plymouth, Kuwait, and Western Australia, among many others. His online course on Rasch measurement applications attracts students from all over the world. Dr. Fisher’s recent work focuses on the role uniform units of measurement play in harmonizing individual decisions and behaviors. These harmonizations are vital to expanding the wisdom of crowds and efficient markets effects in education and health care.

Dr. Fisher’s entry on this theme in the 2011 World Standards Day paper competition won third prize, which is notable given the focus on engineering and natural science topics usually emphasized by the completion sponsors, SES, the Society for Standards Professionals, and the US National Institute for Standards and Technology. In efforts toward this same end of fostering more informed dialogue between the natural and social sciences, Fisher began contributing in 2008 to an ongoing conference hosted by the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) on the human and social value of measurement. Several Rasch measurement colleagues followed Fisher's lead at later IMEKO meetings, with UC Berkeley's Mark Wilson giving a special invited address at the 2011 meeting in Jena, Germany. Involvement of educational, psychological, and health care measurement experts in the 2013 meeting in Genoa, Italy, was extensive, and plans are underway for upcoming meetings in 2014 and 2015 in Madeira and Prague.

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