Sevan Tutunciyan

Sevan Tutunciyan is a Senior Software Engineer at the BEAR Center and has been working at BEAR since 2002. Sevan has been developing both desktop software and web applications used for evaluation and assessment in various BEAR research projects and project partner live systems. His emphasis has been on developing the software modules for:

  • MRCML and other psychometric algorithms  for statistical calculations, proficiency estimations and IRT parameter calibrations.
  • ConstructMap and CriterionMap desktop software
  • Calibration and Scoring Engines with XML Web Services
  • Online IRT tool to be used on Simulation Studies
  • BASS Application user interface, backend and reporting/data management components
  • Creating the newest version of the BASS application by use of more robust web technology

Sevan is currently creating the newest version of the BASS application components using a more robust technology. His long term vision is to improve BASS (BEAR Assessment Software System) to become easily usable for teachers, researchers, curriculum developers and students, and also to make BASS interoperable with other educational software for wider use, utilizing the BEAR research and IRT principles.