BEAR Software


ConstructMap is software designed for conducting simple psychometric analyses on categorical data. It has been developed as a companion to Constructing Measures (Wilson, 2005), an introductory book on assessment in the social sciences.

ConstructMap can run analyses on dichotomous data using the Rasch Model or on polytomous data using the Partial Credit Model or the Rating Scale Model. In addition to the model results, ConstructMap can produce several plots, such as Wright Maps, Item Fit Plots and Item Characteristic Curves, to help in the interpretation of those results.

DRDP Technologies

DRDPtech and KIDStech, developed and hosted by BEAR, are the cloud-based technology components of the DRDP assessment suite . The systems support DRDP and KIDS assessment implementation, as well as all on-going assessment research efforts.

Berkeley Assessment System Software (BASS)

BASS builds on the BEAR Center's previous research in the design of assessment tasks and measurement techniques to support evidence-based assessment in the classroom. More specifically, BASS is the product of a decade of work by the BEAR Center team on a variety of software applications, including its direct precursor, FADS.