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The Responses Report displays the scores that were originally assigned to student work.

  1. Select a respondent, and then select Reports - Individual Reports - Responses Report from the menu.
  2. You will be asked to enter a filename for the report, and to select an Item Set. The report is stored automatically as a text file (filename.txt) in the output folder. Simply enter a filename, such as student_123.
  3. Figure 1. Responses Report for Anne Jackson on Item Set "29-38".

    The filename of the report is shown in the top line of the heading on the left. The report title includes the name of the respondent. The proficiency estimates and standard errors are shown for each dimension. Note that in this example the proficiency estimates are Maximum Likelihood Estimates (MLE). You can change that to EAP or DPV estimates in Estimation TasksProficiency Estimation Options. The remainder of the report is a listing of the items the student completed, the average difficulty of the item, the variable the item indicates, and the student’s score on the item. Note that proficiencies, standard errors, and item difficulties are displayed using the scale defined by the user in the Report Options settings.

  4. Since this report produces text file output as well as an output screen, you can print this report using Word or Notepad. The file will be located in the folder you specified (note the filename in the upper left-hand corner of the heading area).
  5. Close the map display by clicking on the close box, CloseX.jpg, in the upper right-hand corner.