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The Correlate Forms Report is used to view correlation values between total raw scores, proficiencies for each construct, and selected case-level variables for two assessment forms. The options are selected in the Correlation Report Wizard (see Figure 1). ConstructMap computes product-moment correlations to compare variables within cases and between groups from Eq prodMoment.png.

  1. To view the report, select Reports – Group Reports - Correlate Forms.
  2. This will bring up the Correlation Forms Options dialog window, shown in Figure 1, where users select the title of the report, the filename to store the report, and the forms to be correlated.

    Figure 1. Filled-in correlation options for selecting the forms "39-46" and "47-58".
  3. Once the desired forms have been selected, click OK to view the correlation report.
  4. Figure 2. Correlation Report for forms "39-46" and "47-58".

    As shown in Figure 2, the report heading indicates that form "39-46" contains 6 items and form "47-58" contains 8 items.

    The body of the report is laid out in a matrix, with each variable for each form listed as the column and row headings. Note that values above the diagonal are correlations while values below the diagonal are the numbers of cases used in computing the correlations.

    The important values for this analysis are the correlations of the proficiencies on each variable. For the DCI variable, the two forms have a correlation of .703, while on the ET variable the correlation is -.620. These values indicate that we have moderate to substantial correlation between the two forms. Note that the number of cases included in the analysis is quite small, with only 14 cases included for the DCI variable and 12 for the ET variable.

    Commonly Used Ranges to describe Correlation Magnitude
    Range of r Magnitude Term
    00 - .20 Negligible
    .20 - .40 Low
    .40 - .60 Moderate
    .60 - .80 Substantial
    .80 - 1.0 High
  5. Since this report produces text file output as well as an output screen, you can print this report using Word or Notepad. The file will be located in the folder you specified (note the filename in the upper left-hand corner of the heading area).
  6. Close the map display by clicking on the close box, CloseX.jpg, in the upper right-hand corner.