Luis Furr

I have been with BEAR Center since 2009 and have been dedicated to DRDP since I started. I have been one of the main programmers/software engineers developing the DRDPtech  .NET web application from its "early infancy" as an installable desktop application to its now cload-based web operation serving the state of California as well as programs for the state of Illinois.

I have lived and studied in several U.S. cities however, originally, I grew up in Hyde Park, Chicago. Most of my adult working life has revolved around software engineering and automation systems within many large corporations as well as federal and state governments.

In my spare time I like to read, travel regionally and enjoy theater/opera.  Sometimes I will dabble with oil paints but, mostly, even though I get more than my share of programming time at work I find it easy to play with software and concepts on my own that have nothing to to with those at work.

I have two 19-year-old kids (son - Ivan and daughter - Roxolana). They are doing well in college in the Chicago area.