Josh Sussman

Josh Sussman is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the BEAR center. His research uses assessment data and quantitative methods to inform educational practice and policy. His goal is to support equity and inclusion, beginning in preschool, by studying curricular and instructional factors that can narrow achievement gaps between groups of students who are known to struggle in school (e.g., dual language learners, students with disabilities) and their peers. He is particularly interested in data from formative assessments that incorporate construct modeling approaches for measuring student growth along learning trajectories/progressions. He is currently investigating the effectiveness of an elementary mathematics curriculum for Dual Language Learners (DLL) and their English Proficient (EP) peers, and using large-scale data from an early childhood assessment to (a) describe trajectories of language and literacy development for DLLs from different language backgrounds and (b) characterize the differences in terms of component language and literacy skills. In addition, Josh is an assistant adjunct professor at St. Mary's College, where he teaches research methods, and he is a credentialed school psychologist.