GSE students in Quantitative Methods and Evaluation/Social Research Methodology program and BEAR Center researchers who are presenting at the 2019 AERA/NCME/IOMW conference meetings will share their works.

Measuring Integrative Inferential Reasoning (IIR) using Modern Objective Measurement
Alexander Mario Blum, James M. Mason, JinHo Kim and P. David Pearson

The Use of DRDP Data for Statewide Aggregate Reporting and Data-Based Decision Making
Josh Sussman and Perman Gochyyev

Reports for supporting full-cycle assessment
Rebecca Freund and Amy Arneson

Developing Automated Scoring for Large-scale Assessments of Three-dimensional Learning
Jay Thomas, Ellen Holste, Karen Draney, Shruti Bathia, and Charles W. Anderson

Formative Assessments in Integrated Science & Literacy Curricula: A Suggested Alternative Approach
Yukie Toyama and Mark Wilson

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 2:00pm
2121 Berkeley Way West