Strategies for Literacy Independence across the Curriculum (Striving Readers)

Collaborating Institutions: 
San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD), UC San Diego (UCSD)

Funded By: 
U.S. Department of Education (IES)

San Diego Unified School District Participants: 
Siv Davis, Rosemary Staley (co-PI)

UC San Diego Participants: 
Carolyn Hofstetter (co-PI), Colin Ong-Dean, Betsy Strick

Education Associates (NZ) Participants: 
Trevor McDonald, Christina Thornley

BEAR Participants: 
Nathaniel Brown, Amy Dray, Yongsang Lee, Mark Wilson (co-PI)

The Striving Readers project is a multi-year research collaboration that aims to implement and evaluate a content-area literacy curriculum for middle and high school called “Strategies for Literacy Independence across the Curriculum” (SLIC). The SLIC program includes (a) a school-level intervention in grades 7-10, in which teachers in content area classes teach all of their students to use specific strategies for reading and writing in their disciplines, and (b) a targeted intervention for struggling readers who are reading two or more years below grade level, in which students will receive more intensive direct instruction in using SLIC literacy strategies with a focus on how different disciplines require different approaches to reading and writing.


The BEAR team is working as part of the evaluation component of this project, in collaboration with Carolyn Hofstetter and the UCSD team. To accomplish the measurement of both student and program level outcomes from an evidence-based perspective, the BEAR Center is collaborating with the SDUSD team in the development of progress variables, diagnostic items, a set of scoring procedures, and the technical calibration of the SLIC assessments. The expected uses of data derived from the assessment system include: (a) supporting the formative classroom assessment of student progress in acquiring and using specific SLIC literacy strategies; (b) supporting the summative classroom assessment of student progress towards developing the literacy skills necessary to pass the California High School Exit Exam; and (c) supporting the evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of the SLIC program within the targeted schools.