General Information for Seminar Presenters


BEAR attendees may be from the university as well as from the public. They usually consist of about 20 UC Berkeley School of Education graduate students, professors, and post-doc researchers. Most members have experience with, and knowledge of, statistics and research methodologies.
Since BEAR seminars are promoted via our website and the GSE email list, it is very important to get the topic title and abstract to the coordinator in a timely manner, usually at least 3 weeks in advance. Your one or two paragraph abstract can be modified a bit for the actual seminar presentation, being as sometimes advanced plans change with time. Also, please email a one paragraph bio of professional highlights, or your CV, to the coordinator at least 3 days in advance so that the coordinator can compose a scintillating introduction.
BEAR Seminars usually take place in 2515 Tolman, which is equipped with a computer, projector, and screen for power point presentations, videos, etc. A white board is also available in the room.
Handouts are welcome - plan on about 25, unless you hear otherwise from the coordinator. Handout copies can be made by the seminar coordinator if sent electronically 3 days before the seminar.
Usually the seminar consists of your presentation for 1 hour and 15 minutes, with the last 30 minutes open for questions and discussion. This amount of time allows for deeper understandings of a topic than is usually afforded at conferences.
This general format is not set in stone - presenters can discuss special arrangements with the Seminar coordinator.