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The Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research (BEAR) Center designs and delivers educational assessment instruments, performs research in assessment and psychometrics, and trains graduate students in these areas.

We collaborate with researchers in universities across the United States and abroad to develop software and other resources for constructing, managing, administering, and analyzing assessments.

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In addition to our research in psychometrics, the BEAR Center is dedicated to the development of software that can facilitate the delivery and analysis of assessments, providing teachers with innovative and useful ways to assess students.

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  • Validating the PACT for its intended uses: A multi-dimensional item response model study of a teacher licensure exam

    Brent Duckor & Kip Téllez

    Examining a large sample of teacher candidate responses (n=1711), we found a sufficient degree of internal structure validity evidence to support the intended, continued use of the Performance Assessment for California Teachers (2008) instrument to measure teacher candidates’ skills and proficiencies with professional standards in teaching (CCTC, 2012).

  • The Chilean Teacher Labor Market

    Rosario Rivero

    Education reformers have recognized the key role of teachers in classrooms, implementing a variety of policies to improve the quality of teaching. Chile is no exception. In recent years, policymakers have shown a growing attention to strategies for enhancing teacher quality in public schools. However, educational efforts will do little unless high quality teachers are willing and committed to work in the public school system.

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    Jinnie Choi

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