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Xie, Y. (2001). Dimensionality, Dependence, or Both?: An Application of the Item Bundle Model to Multidimensional Data. Position Paper; Policy, Organization, Measurement, & Evaluation; Graduate School of Education; University of California, Berkeley.
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Roberts, L. (1997, November). Data-Oriented Evaluation: Documenting the Rhetoric versus Reality of Assessment Reform in Science Education. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association, San Diego, CA.
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Kennedy, C., Wilson, M., Draney, K., Tutunciyan, S., & Vorp, R.. (2008). ConstructMap Version 4 (computer program). University of, Berkeley, CA: BEAR Center.
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Harcourt Assessment,. (2009). Constructing One Scale to Describe Two Statewide Exams. Journal of applied measurement, 10, 170–184.
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Wilson, M., Hoskens, M., & Wang, W. - C.. (1996, April). Complex item responses: Rater effects and item dependency. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. New York, NY.