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Mason, J. M. (2011, 04/23/2011). Eroding American education. Stockton Record, p. A9. Editorial, Stockton, CA. Retrieved from
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Maul, A., Wilson, M., & Torres Irribarra, D.. (2014, 04/2014). Is Psychological Measurement Possible?. Presented at the International Objective Measurement Workshop 20014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Roberts, L., Wilson, M., & Draney, K.. (1997). The SEPUP Assessment System: An Overview. University of California, Berkeley.
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Roberts, L., Sloane, K., & Wilson, M.. (1996, July). Local Assessment Moderation in SEPUP. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New York, NY.
Roberts, L., & Henke, R.. (1997). Mapping Middle School Students' Perceptions of the Relevance of Science. In M. Wilson & Engelhard, G. (Eds.), Objective Measurement: Theory into Practice. Volume 4) Norwood, NJ: Ablex.
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Roberts, L. (1997, July). Evaluating Teacher Profession Development: Local Assessment Moderation and the Challenge of Multisite Evaluation. Presented at the sixth National Evaluation Institute, Indianapolis, IN.